An Interfusion of 12 Amazing Essential Oils in each 5oz bottle this one features Sunflower oil for Hair Types 3 & 4

Your family is our family, We care!

Not getting enough protein and vitamins from the foods you eat. We got you covered our oils are packed with Vitamins A, B, C, D and E to keep hair healthy.

Use 3-4 times weekly to keep hair healthy and gorgeous from roots to ends

Thermal protectant, apply a little before using heat styling tools to avoid heat damaged hair.

Great for beards also.

Sunflower Oil works to reduce thinning, encourages a healthy scalp, strengthen roots, rich in Vitamins A,B,C,D and E for healthy hair growth.

Keeps hair looking and feeling sexy

When you color your hair, chemicals are used to open your hair shaft, leaving your hair extremely porous and prone to brittleness and breakage. Ready Set Grow repairs the damage, replenish the nutrients and restores your hair to a healthy state.

It’s a family affair and we want you to feel good about the products you put in your families hair. NO Parabens, No Sulfates, all Natural Ingredients and the bottle is recyclable too.

Nourish your scalp while hydrating your dreads.

Eliminates frizz leaves Types 3 & 4 hair healthier with a smooth silky touch.

An Interfusion of 12 Amazing Essential Oils in each 5oz bottle this one features Grapeseed Oil for Hair Types 3 & 4

2 in every 5 men will begin to experience some hair loss between the ages of 25 and 35.

A great detangler your kids will love you for it!

Use the special nozzle applicator tip to apply directly to the scalp to soothe and alleviate dryness and ease itchy scalp.

Nourish and moisturize dry Type 3 & 4 hair

Grapeseed Oil ideal if your experiencing dry and itchy scalp, dehydrated hair, brittle, frizzy and flyaway hair.


Promotes healthier hair and scalp

Protects against split ends and breakage

We offer three of the best ways to get Type 4 Hair to look it’s best. Now smile for the camera!

Give your hair a healthy makeover

Makes dull looking hair soft, shiny and healthy.

Reduce brittle hair by replenishing the oils that your scalp needs to stay hydrated.

An Interfusion of 12 Amazing Essential Oils in each 5oz bottle this one features Avocado oil for Hair Types 3 and 4
Place a small amount in the palms then distribute evenly throughout hair. Will not leave hair feeling oily.

Will leave your hair, beard and mustache with a smooth silky feel, will drive a women wild!

This natural leave-in moisturizer protects chemically treated hair against future damage.

Give your hair the best care possible! Don’t wait until it’s to late .

Avocado Oil for heat protectant, chemically processed hair, exposure to chlorine, stimulates growth & helps unclog blocked follicles, which is common in male pattern baldness

Protect your hair from damage caused by harsh chemicals in hair dyes, perms, relaxers, and bleaching.

Do you want Stronger, Thicker, Shinier, Healthier Hair?

Ready Set Grow Essential Oils For Hair and Scalp find the blend that makes your hair healthy and happy.

Hair types are grouped based on characteristics : Type 3’s range from light to tight springy curls, Type 4’s range from tight curls with an “S” pattern to a less defined pattern of curls and looks more like a “Z”, Type 4C is similar to 4B but more tightly coiled.
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An Interfusion of 12 Incredible Essential oils in each bottle. If you desire healthy hair and scalp discover the magic of our rich minerals, vitamins, protein, omega – 3  and omega – 6 fatty acids. Working together to nourish, moisturize, replenish and repair weak hair.


Do you want stronger hair roots, more shine, more moisture, less breakage ?

Do you get split ends, clogged pores or dandruff?

Is your hair color-treated, permed, or relaxer?

Is your scalp dry, itchy or flakey?

Are you looking for a hair product that visibly heals signs of damaged hair?

How about better circulation to improve hair growth and less hair fall?

Do you want a hair care product that penetrates to the core, repairing damage and preventing breakage?  

Then you have come to the right place!

For best results use weekly.