If you desire healthy hair growth discover the magic of our rich minerals, vitamins, protein,  Omega – 3 and Omega – 6 working together to nourish, moisturize, replenish, repair and to protect weak hair after heat styling, chemical treatments, exposure to chlorine, environmental damage, health-related issues or if you simply just want healthy hair growth. 

Our superior oils are Organic, safe and effective with ingredients originating from nature:  flowers, seeds, and fruits that contains naturally occurring Minerals, Vitamins, Protein,  both Omega – 3 and Omega – 6 fatty acids. All of us at Ready Set Grow LLC manufacture formulations that surpass all quality standards. With years of research, our efficient teams have mastered the art of producing 100% natural and potent oil formulations that are used to maintain the health of your hair and scalp.

To ensure success our goals are to provide superior quality products that focus on the well-being and health of your hair and scalp. A product that our customers will feel so excited about that they would recommend it to their family and friends, to use Certified Organic Green Ingredients, to offer products that are formulated without parabens, sulfates and artificial preservatives and finally to influence environmental and social responsibility and to aim at cost effective prices.

Our Polyethylene terephthalate  (PET)  bottle’s can be recycled that’s what makes our product green/ eco-friendly.