Sunflower Hair and Scalp Oil has 12 – Organic, high quality Essential Oils for hair types 3 – 4c.  Each oil has its own special qualities in its own right. Comes in a 5oz bottle with your choice of spray or nozzle closure.  

Ideal for anyone noticing signs of damage or experiencing hair loss, thinning, balding, slow hair growth or no hair growth.  Infused with minerals, vitamins, and protein to address your hair needs. 

Easy to use, weightless, absorbs easily without clogging pores and doesn’t leave hair feeling oily.

Rich in vitamins A,B,C,D and E the antioxidants regenerate new skin cells, reduces bacteria that contribute to product build up, soothes and alleviate scalp dryness and irritation.

Keeps hair healthy and strong by nourishing your scalp while moisturizing your hair. Regular use seals and protects against dehydration.

Gently detangles as it softens frizzy, brittle hair and flyaways.  Leaves hair shiny and more manageable.

Gradually eases flakey – itchy scalp, dull and lifeless hair.

An important source of gamma alpha-linolenic acid (GLA) which helps in preventing thinning of hair, minimize breakage, reduces splits-ends, and hair fall.

Stimulate healthy hair growth. Protects hair and scalp from exposure to the sun.

Here’s where Sunflower Hair and Scalp Oil differs from Avocado and Grapeseed:  It blocks DHT (di-hy-drotestos-terone), derived from the male hormone  “testosterone” which is at the core of the balding process. It’s produced by the testes and prostate in men and the ovaries in women. DHT prevents nutrients from being absorbed by hair follicles which causes follicles to shrink and eventually hair fall.

If DHT is your enemy then Sunflower Hair and Scalp Oil is your foe, as it blocks DHT production which reduces hair loss and aids with future growth.

Most would agree when it comes to hair loss it’s best to be proactive rather than reactive. The results are stunning.

Our products are chemical free, none of our products are tested on animals. Our bottles are recyclable and
convenient to travel with.