Ready Set Grow Essential Oils for hair and scalp an Interfusion of 12 phenomenal Essential Oils that are organic, pure and made from the highest quality seeds, nuts and plants each ingredient has different healing properties. 

It doesn’t matter if your hair is flat and fine, frizzy and thick, or somewhere in between.  Formulated  with hair types 3 – 4c  in mind but suitable for all.   

A lightweight non-greasy hair strengthening oil treatment, absorbs instantly into the hair, penetrating the hair shaft with Vitamins A, B, C, D, & E which acts as antioxidants to regenerate new skin cells and reduce bacteria that contribute to product buildup. An important source of gamma alpha-linolenic acid (GLA) which helps in preventing thinning of hair.

We offer 3 distinct blends, the first in our line up features Sunflower Oil,  for those desiring healthy strong beautiful hair.  Works to reduce thinning, encourages a healthy scalp and healthy hair growth by strengthening the root.

Sunflower oil is an impressive natural product for your hair it blocks dihydrotesterone, (pronounced di-hy-drotestosterone) or DHT the hormone responsible for hair loss.  Moisturizes the scalp and hair with nutrients, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that are extremely beneficial for hair.  Increases circulation to improve hair growth and reduce hair loss. 

Is your hair color-treated, permed, relaxed, damaged? Then try Avocado Oil, seals and protects hair from dryness and heat damage caused by heat styling. Replaces vital moisture that over-shampooing depletes. Restores hair to a healthy state after damage caused by bleaching, relaxing or coloring hair. Revitalize damaged hair after exposure to chlorine or salt water, protects against UV damage, tackles dryness as it nourishes roots and hair. 

And last but not least Grapeseed Oil is an awesome natural product for your hair it conditions dry hair, locks in moisture and prevent frizz, split ends and brittle hair.  Moisturizes follicles which prevents dryness that lead to hair loss as it strengthens hair  and promote thickness.  Rich in Vitamin C which repairs and renew damaged hair and scalp tissue while it keeps your hair and scalp moisturized.  It’s a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory so it works against dandruff so say goodbye to dry itchy scalp. 

Simply distribute evenly on damp or dry hair then style as usual ~ moisturizes ~ conditions ~ detangles ~ volumizes ~ softens ~ smooths frizz ~ seals split ends ~ shines. Leaves hair looking and feeling beautiful as it stimulates the growth of new hair by unclogging blocked follicles which is common in male pattern baldness. For Men / Women.

Did you know by age 40, 40% of women have visible hair loss. And one-in-five men will have experienced a significant amount of hair loss.

Comes in a 5 ounce recyclable travel size bottle. Sulfate-free Paraben-free.