Hey, beautiful people just want to share a practical hair care routine that’s easy to follow and to ensure that your scalp & hair stay healthy, and looks incredible.

This is an important hair care routine to follow in your quest for healthy gorgeous hair. In order to reduce the friction in your hair sleep on a silk or satin silk pillowcase, if you want your hair to feel and look like silk always remember good hair routines will bring good results.

Find the best shampoo and conditioner for your type 3 & 4 hair care routine. If you’ve been using the same shampoo and conditioner for more than 6 months it’s time to switch. Why? Low porosity hair takes a long time to absorb any product. If you constantly use the same shampoo or conditioner product build-up can occur. Product build up can make your hair lackluster and feel dirty. You might want to consider switching your shampoo and conditioner every few months.

Suggested hair care routine for dry hair, use a detangler before combing the hair to minimize breakage. Use Ready Set Grow Essential Oils for Hair and Scalp weekly to ensure that your hair and scalp are getting the proper nutrients.

Avoid heat styling tools in your hair care routine when possible but if not use a heat protectant prior to applying heat. For healthy hair growth try to incorporate these foods into your diet. Avocados, beans, eggs, fatty fish, meat, nuts, seeds, shrimp, soybeans, spinach, and sweet potatoes.

Hair care routine quiz: Why is silk pillowcases good for hair? It reduces friction on your hair which often causes damage like frizzy hair and split ends. Low porosity types 3 & 4 hair is often prone to having product buildup because hair products don’t pass the cuticle layer they just sit on top of the scalp. Using a detangler makes combing your hair a breeze with minimal breakage if any. And of course, you always want to take precautions when applying heat you don’t want to fry your hair. Eating healthy is always good for your mind, body, and soul, right!